Trees remove carbon and slow the climate crisis. The inspirational team at Protect Earth are committed to working with environmental organisations to plant trees to increase native British tree cover across England and Wales. We're proud to support them, including our pledge to fund a UK tree for each loan completed. As of July 2022, we have funded over 500 trees.

You can find out more about Protect Earth here


Everyone at Funding 365 is committed to reducing the impact of our working lives on the environment. Steps that we've taken include: 


PAPER: We've drastically reduced the use of paper in our office. Now 100% of our filing and 98% of our correspondence is digital. 

PLASTIC: Single use plastic is minimised through the use of reusable containers, such as glass milk bottles and metal cups. 

RECYCLING: Recycling bins are readily available and a designated member of the team ensures that they are being used correctly.

ENERGY SUPPLY: Our office building is supplied by 100% green energy. 

TRAVEL: Storage space and showers are available to facilitate our staff cycling, scooting, walking or running to and from the office. At present, 20% of our team commute at least in part by cycling, scooting, walking or running. All other travel to and from the office is 100% public transport. 

Like you, we believe that it’s important that everyone plays their part in protecting our planet for future generations. At Funding 365 we're committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment and increasing our positive effect.

Funding 365 Limited is registered in England & Wales / Registered address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU / Company Number: 8488034.

Funding 365 Limited is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or under the Financial Services & Markets Act (FSMA). All loans provided by Funding 365 Limited are non-regulated mortgage contracts, defined under Article 61(3) of the FCA Regulated Activities Order or non-regulated contracts under the Consumer Credit Act. Your property may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments on any mortgage or loan secured on it.

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