About us

Funding 365 was established by structured finance experts Mike Strange, Jeff Stolz and Mike Jinn. Previously they worked together at investment banks including Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs where their careers involved establishing, managing, and providing funding solutions to UK mortgage lenders.

In 2013 they saw an opportunity to bring their unique expertise and uncompromising standards to the bridging industry. Since then, Funding 365 has made its name as the lender to go to for fast, affordable bridging finance without any of the nonsense.

Our team

Our approachable Directors and experienced Underwriters are dedicated to providing a professional and efficient service. Your contact will take you through from initial enquiry to completion so you can be sure of individual attention, and a decision maker is involved right from the start so you can be sure that your funding is guaranteed.
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The Funding 365 difference

We provide competitive and honest bridging loans at a speed that cannot be beaten.


If you need bridging finance quickly, we should be your first call. Our decision makers are in-house and involved right from the start to prevent any unnecessary delays.


We tailor make each loan to the individual requirements of the client. We don’t have rigid criteria and we don’t reject enquiries  just because they don’t tick  all boxes. 


Our funding model allows us to provide some of the lowest interest rates in the market. And we refuse to add those sneaky fees that bump up the advertised price.


We are specialists and know bridging finance inside out. We were established by senior bankers with decades of experience in running and financing mortgage lenders.


We strive to offer the best solution for each client and we make sure that our cost structure is always straightforward, transparent and made clear upfront.


We reject mortgage acceptance fees and early redemption fees and we think it’s only fair to rebate interest (calculated on a daily basis) when a loan is paid back early.
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