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Our team crafted an effective solution, delivering an interest rate of 0.89% per month for a 12 month period. Given the borrower's experience in the industry, the team were able to offer the highest LTV possible. This enabled the them enough cash to carry out all the necessary works to get the highest possible return on investment when the property is put on market. 

The client required £350k to complete the auction purchase of a 3 bed semi-detached house in London, of which required light cosmetic works before it is put on market. Given the condition of the property, the client wanted to access the very best rate to ensure that a comprehensive refurbishment could be conducted using their own funds. 

With our principal-led funding we’re able to make quick, credit-backed decisions on our loans. When we spot deals with real potential we always try to support them with the best terms possible. Nick Hogan, Senior Underwriter

Underwriter quote

Street House




75% LTV

0.89%  PER MONTH

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