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65% LTV


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Our solution

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We took time to understand the nature of the client's credit issues and developed a 24 month loan accordingly. This was designed to give the client time to resolve all issues and exit onto a high-street BTL loan. We also built additional funds into the loan which allowed the client to pay back private investors. 

The client came to us in need of a loan to refinance another lender. The property, located in London, England, had just been converted into a fully tenanted ground floor shop and 4 flats above. Credit issues made it impossible to secure a high street loan at that time so we were enlisted to provide a temporary bridging solution.

This was a really rewarding case to complete. The client, through no real fault of their own, found themselves compromised. Rescuing them from extension charges - and at a reasonable rate - really reinforces the important role that bridging finance plays in the property market. 

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