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new build property




0.95% PM + 1% EXIT

60% LTV / 70% LTGDV / 83% LTC

The brief

Our solution

Underwriter quote

We worked hard to ensure a seamless migration over to our development facility, building in £300,000 in further advances so that the developer could get started right away. 

Our client took out a bridging loan on an end terrace house in Chelmsford with us and sought planning to develop an additional terraced house adjacent to the property. With this in place, they needed to refinance onto a development loan.

This case demonstrates the unique strength of our product range. In addition to being highly flexible, our loans are bespoke, ensuring a smooth transition from one phase of a project to another. This allows the developer to focus on doing what they do best. I'm excited to see this project completed and look forward to working with this client in the future.   

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