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Given the borrower's experience within the property industry, resulting in a sizable property portfolio, our team were able to craft a bridging solution that was a cut above the competition. Our 12 month, 75% LTV solution  - delivered at a rate of 0.67%  - proved to be the perfect fit for his latest project. Since completing this loan, our short-term financing has become a staple part of the client's business model. To date, over 100 properties (spread across several loans) have benefitted from the same solution.  

The borrower sought the purchase of 35 houses in poor condition. Once secured, the client intended to conduct internal refurbishments to bring them up to a higher standard. 

This case exemplifies the strength of our products and the high quality service that we're capable of delivering time and time again. I look forward to supporting this client with other exciting protfolio projects in the future using our great bridging product. 


0.67%  PER MONTH

75% LTV

Street House



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