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Our team crafted an effective solution, delivering an interest rate of 0.67% per month for a 12 month period.

Given the strength of the assets and the client's experience, we were able to go a step further than our advertised rate, offering 0.67% per month. This flexibility enabled the client to carry out all the necessary works. The length of the term also provided the borrower with the time necessary to strengthen the tenancies in preparation for exit. 

The client required £1.3 million to complete the purchase of 8 flats in Winchester, England, all of which were in need of modernisation. Given the condition of the properties, the client wanted to access the very best rate to ensure that a comprehensive refurbishment could be conducted. 

“It's refreshing to work with a lender that is able to step outside of their pricing matrix and 'sharpen the pencil' to win a deal over their competitors. This gave the borrowers confidence, knowing that Funding 365 really wanted to work with them, as well as knowing they had the best combination of pricing and leverage that the market had to offer.”

With our principal-led funding we’re able to make quick, credit-backed decisions on loans. When we spot deals with real potential we always try to support them with the best terms possible. In this case, we were able to go a step further than our advertised rate, offering 0.67% per month with no catches. It’s this kind of flexibility and determination to get a great deal done that makes Funding 365 unique. Tapton Capital’s exceptional relationships with their clients made the whole process a pleasure.

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Street House




75% LTV

0.67%  PER MONTH

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