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Given the client's past CCJ's, we were keen to craft a low-risk solution. As such, we crafted an 18 month loan to ensure that they had ample time to complete and sell the properties. With interest rebated by the day, the borrower could exit early without incurring any early exit charges, maximising their profits.  

The client required funds to purchase two end terrace houses in London. Both properties were in need of renovation throughout, so the client needed to secure a highly competitive rate to ensure that their own funds would cover the refurbishment. 

As an underwriter at Funding 365, it's my responsibility to look at a case from every angle and find the potential in the deal. That's  what I did here - and at a rate that allowed the client to refurbish the properties in exactly the way that they had envisioned. 


65% LTV

0.62%  PER MONTH

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