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Our team moved quickly to assess the liquidity of the assets and underwrite a bespoke solution. We delivered a 75% LTV solution at a rate of 0.69% per month for 9 months. Our speedy turnaround ensured that the client avoided costly extension charges. 

The client had an outstanding debt with a different lender over 11 newly constructed houses in Macclesfield, England. With the end of their loan term looming, the borrower needed to secure additional time to discharge planning conditions, complete the landscaping and sell the properties. 

We love having the opportunity to support ambitious property developers that are servicing the high demand for new housing. In this case, we were able to offer our headline rate and a loan term that fit the borrower's needs perfectly. Credit to the solicitors for their swift work in getting the case across the line.


75% LTV

0.69%  PER MONTH

Street House



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